Les Vogt
Rock'n'Roll Pioneer

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He was the lead singer in Vancouver's
very  first rock'n'roll recording band... "The Prowlers"
who gained local popularity by playing "live"
on the Jack Cullen "Owl Prowl" radio program. 

Click to hear "Get A Move On"

He shared the stage with Bill Haley...
Gene Vincent... Buddy Knox... Eddie Cochran... Roy Orbison
and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Click to hear "The Blamers"

His recording of "The Blamers" (1960) knocked off
Elvis Presley's "Its Now or Never" for the #1 position on the
charts and remained #1 for 11 weeks.

 Feature News Story - January 31, 2004

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New - Old Demo Discovered of Les Vogt singing his last composition Click to Hear "Just Say Goodnight"


Les Vogt was an obscure rock'n'roll artist from Canada...
but, for a time, he was The King in his little corner of the world.
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