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The Grooveyard (Teenage Dance Club) Days...

759 Carnarvon Street - New Westminster, B.C.

The Grooveyard - owned and operated by Les Vogt opened it's doors on Friday September 17th, 1965. It was supposed to be a partnership with and C-FUN disk jockey Fred Latremouille who actually came up with the Grooveyard name. Les had been renting the Hollywood Bowl in New Westminster for teen dances and was about to take it over full-time and asked Fred to invest in the project. Fred agreed but later changed his mind. The Nocturnals would invest in the club and became quite prosperous as groups went at that time. They were one of the first 60's bands in Vancouver to have their records charted across Canada.

Fred Latremouille (aka Latrimo) recorded a single on drums with the Nocturnals... it was titled Latremotion and became a hit on C-FUN Radio. Fred became somewhat of a local teen DJ sensation and gained celebrity status after becoming the TV host for the "Let's Go" music program. Fred was a household name on the Vancouver radio waves for 5 decades. He passed away on March 5th, 2015 after a brief illness at his retirement home in Scottsdale, Arizona..


The Nocturnals on stage at the Grooveyard
with an unidentified GoGo Girl entertaining at the Grooveyard

This album was
originally released as a promotional ploy. However it became a collectors item and
has been released on CD. It is available at Neptoon Records in Vancouver 

The Nocturnals
The Stags
The Soul Unlimited
The Epics
The Night Train Revue
The Shockers
The Shantelles

All the bands in the City were booked exclusively by Jaguar Entertainment,
a company owned by Les Vogt who brought Penticton DJ 
Doug Miller into Vancouver to help run the company. Doug was also
the manager at the Grooveyard. Miller would go on to Vancouver airwaves 
and Television (weatherman) for many years... and became
the Mayor of Lions Bay, British Columbia.

A 2nd Grooveyard opened at Davie & Burrard
downtown Vancouver when Les leased the old Embassy Ballroom
from owner Jim Wisbey. Imperial Oil purchased the building
and served notice that a major service centre would be built on
the site. The Grooveyard moved out but the site was never developed
and the building is now restored and operates today (2020) as Celebrities.

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